Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh My Goodness!

I'm actually blogging! Who would have thought.....a lot has been going on around here, some of which I won't go into. Blogging hasn't been top priority but now here I am at 9pm blogging when in all honesty I should be cleaning up and getting ready to hop off to bed!

I'll start by saying.....

I hope you had a lovely evening and a great time bringing in 2009!

I have been home since the 1st. Still trying to get everything unpacked and put away from our time away - what fun! Ashlee stayed with Nan in Canberra for a few more days which was good because we had the car absolutely jammed packed full coming home (plus we had to leave a couple of things there until next time) and I know we wouldn't have had any more room for Ashlee let alone all her stuff! HAHA. Ok, its getting later so I'll try and keep this short.

Here is a small look into some of the favoured Christmas presents the kids received....

I also got some crafting in while I was away. Here are the finished pencil cases Ashlee sent off to her friends for a (belated) Christmas present. (I printed out some birdies, ironed them on, stitched around the bodies and stitched on the legs.) They don't look to bad.

These are some little bags that I made up for Mum to store all her leads, cables, etc from her DSLR, external hard drive, camcorder, etc. I made the boxy ones using this tutorial from Three Bears.

And some how I was actually able to sew up this bag on my very last day night in Canberra. (That's what I was doing at 12 midnight!) I used a combination of this tutorial from Ric Rac and ideas from this post over at Twelve22. Its not the most wonderful bag (making wise) but its great for a very first try and I actually REALLY love it! (Don't look to close!)

Its even lined!

This idea I took from a bag my Mum has that I really love. Its a little zippered side pocket that holds my purse, keys and phone. I no longer have to go searching for things in the bottom of the bag.

And inside there is another pocket that holds dummies and things and I add some slots for a couple of pens because I'm always looking for one.

I also made a lovely little pillowcase dress for Anna too. I think it is so pretty and she really loves it too!

I did some shopping at Spotlight and was able to pick up a Knitting Loom similar to this. I have wanted one for a while and now I'm blissfully happy knitting away with this. And nearly finished my top that I have been working on for months.

Ummm, a bit more went on but my mind is blank so I will come back for that. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break.

Until next time I will leave you with a page I scrapped today (yes! I scrapped - Its been a while)...

{Sweet Precious Baby Girl}

Credits: Hugs 'n' Stuff Kit by SJTowers - Random musings of a Scrapaholic

(Oh and I changed internet providers too! Good Bye Forever BigPond!! Hello super fast and super cheap TPG!)

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

And to you a happy new year too! I think your bag is really gorgeous.

Melissa Searle said...

I LOVE all the stuff you did. :) Your so clever! Hehe Have to get together and do some sewing together, maybe your skills will rub off on me. Haha Yeah right..... :)
I LOVE THE bag too! Its so cute. Hehe :) Good for a diaper bag eh? Looks good!
When are you coming up again? :)

Ashlee said...

Thanks again for the pencil cases Mum!
LOVE them

Oh and I love the scrap page, Anna is so cute!! You did such a good job its awesome..

Anyway Love You Lots

Melissa Searle said...

Hey, what email address are you using at the moment?

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