Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 down....more good news

Last night went extremely well! Zachary slept until 7am! Can you believe it! Anna woke at about 6am and spent some time crying, I think she had a pain in her tummy as she did the most awful poo later in the morning which required a bath - sorry TMI. She had some cows milk yesterday and I really think it doesn't agree with her, poor little girl.

And what is the 'more good news' you ask? ...... Zach and Anna went down for their morning sleep at 10:30am, a few little grizzles by Zach and some chatting by Anna and all was completely quite by 10:40am! I really am starting to get excited. I have actually got dishes done, some clothes in the machine and a box or two packed this morning. WoooHooo!

I CAN NOT wait until tomorrow. My lovely mum, Julie and beautiful SIL, Melissa are coming to stay for a few days and be my life savers! They are coming to help me pack or look after the little ones or both. Brett will be home on Friday night, so there will be 4 adults in the house. I'm sure we will be able to get the packing finished between us all. There just seems so much to do!

Better head off now, going to pack a few more boxes and look for my camera cord. I have some photos off the lovely farewell party that playgroup had for us yesterday that I wanna show along with all the other photos I'm keen to post.

BBL! xx

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