Tuesday, August 26, 2008

By request ..... part 2!

Ok, so I have a couple of minutes in between putting Zach and Anna in bed - who again refused their dinner - and putting Mitch to bed, EARLY! He is driving me insane tonight! I'm sure it is just from boredom because as I said before we are totally house bound at the moment, by choice. Looks like we will have to get out tomorrow!

Here are a couple of random photos for you from our first week in beautiful Delegate....

Here is the view from the back veranda. It really is quite beautiful and the photo's don't really do it justice

The cat - oops! I mean Oreo (I am constant calling him 'The Cat' and thought I should probably use his name) - enjoying the sunshine in his new home

'The' nappies are all set up and back in use again - I really don't like disposables!

We currently have 'this' (see below) in our hallway that was left here. Although it is rather a beautiful piano it just takes up to much valuable space to keep it

Mitchell finally has his much loved 'Ferrari' bed up and has knocked back sleeping with Daddy on a few occasions because of it ... lol

And this the other part of the room. There is not to much space but it isn't as cramped as the photo makes it look

Here is 'our' room. Not to keen on the pink walls but it cosy and has plenty of build-in wardrobe so I'm happy

So there you have it. A sneak peak into our new home (for now!). Its nothing special, its old and its a bit to small for my liking (especially with the 4 kiddies) but its home for now and it is warm. The lifestyle is laid back and I have only driven the car once since we moved here!

Better head off.....

There is some of this to attend to....

And plenty of these to keep me busy....

Good night all!

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Melissa Jane Searle said...

Hey! Looks like your all nice and cosy. Hehe Good stuff... The house looks old, but kinda cute. I love old stuff.. Haha And the piano is gorgeous! I just love it... Does it work? :-)I can see how it would take up room though.
I bet your glad the twins arent in your bedroom anymore, how do they like being with Mitch? Or the other way around i should say? Hehe :-)
Mitchs room is cute! I love the arched doorways, and the green walls etc, the half and half colour. Tis cute! I agree, dont go much on the pink wall in your room.. Hehe Too bad you cant paint it! Oh well..
Well looks like your settling in well. All good things to hear... remember, if you need a hand unpacking (sorry if we did it pretty rough!) give us a yell. Have fun!

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