Thursday, August 21, 2008

Were Here!

Hello everyone! I'm back online! We are finally moved and last night set up the computer desk and computer. Everything went smoothly apart from a few damaged items that we will need to claim but I'll go into that later.

Ashlee and Mitchell have gone for a walk and Zach and Anna are sleeping. Brett has gone back to Bairnsdale for the night to finish cleaning up the house and grab the rest of our stuff (that the removalists couldn't fit on ... grrr. We will go into that later too). So the house is all quite and I'm just about to get into some more unpacking. I'll be back tonight.....

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Melissa Jane Searle said...

Yay, glad you made it all safely etc! How are you liking it there so far? Oh dear... i hope nothing too expensive was broken! :-( What happened. Guess i will hear from you more later.
Take care, enjoy the unpacking! :-)

Brindlegirl said...

I hope the move didn't cause you too much stress.

I much prefer the unpacking to the packing. Don't you....?

I hope your new home and neighborhood brings all of you much happiness!

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