Monday, August 11, 2008

Should I be getting excited??!!

Some history for you.....

When the twins first came home they were great sleepers (as you would expect). It was just a matter of change, sleep, feed, change, sleep, feed, etc. Keeping in mind that they came home at just over 36 weeks gestation (and were already over 7 weeks old) they were really just growing (as they would have been still in the womb) and they didn't really have the energy to do much else. At the magical '40 weeks' they started to wake up a bit and be more like little newborns but still were great sleepers. I could just wrap them up, put them in the cot and off they went. All this changed as they got older, also Anna having reflux requiring medication didn't help and this was the exact same time they had their '8 week old needles' (but we will save that for a whole new post! - I am now a NON-Vaccinating mummy). They became very accustomed to their bouncers and spent most of the time sleeping in them during the day but it was becoming more and more difficult to get them to go to sleep 'unaided' at night. Most nights would be spent 'bouncing' them to sleep then moving them into the cot once asleep - REALLY stupid move on my part, but I guess when you have not one but two little ones at the same time you take what you can get. This moved onto Zachary ONLY going to sleep while feeding. You see he is a very typical boy and is very attached to the boob, he loves it and still to this day will have multiple feeds a day which I really don't mind but I'm a bit over having to feed him to sleep. Anna would require 'bouncing'.

Ok, lets move on to 'now'......for the past month or so I have been able to just put Anna down when shows 'those' tired signs and she will just go off but Zach, well as I said he loves his boob and still requires a boob to sleep. This brings us to 'tonight'....After saying goodnight and putting Anna in her cot Zach was proving to be a very tough customer. Tonight he just didn't want to sleep. Feeding, bouncing, rocking etc just didn't work - oh and have I added that he refuses a dummy, and bottles for that matter (apparently it is from bad 'flash backs', in the NICU they used to give him a dummy to suck on while they changed his NG tube every two days). So in the end Anna was not yet a sleep so I just said my goodnights and put him down in the cot. Yes, he cried and yes I wanted to cry too but after just 20 minutes (I went in once to 're-settle' and wipe his snotting nose) he (and Anna) was asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to sing and dance! Could this be the start of something great??!! Can I really get excited??!!

Now it is 12:07am and I'm just about to head off to bed myself. Everyone is tucked in and sleeping (on their own!), even Mitchell is in his own bed! (That's a whole new post too ... lol!)

So night night all and just pray that this will continue - I think my sanity relies on it! :)

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Melissa Jane Searle said...

That is just Fantastico! Hehe :-) Sounds great...

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